Pack of 6 specially selected collection of British made tapered dinner candles, non drip and a burning time of 10hrs*

At 11'' tall the candles give decadent height and colour to your table. We have selected our favourite colours for the spring summer season great for when we are allowed dinner parties again! 

You can choose from 

spring green- 6 candles 3 of each green a soft sage green and a more stricking apple green 


Pink Sundea- 6 candles 2 of each colour soft pale pink and brighter hot pink and a sumptuous raspberry pink 


Mixed- 6 candles one of each colour and 2 of one colour 


or you can have a pack of self coloured pale pink, hot pink, raspberry, sage green or apple green 



free delivery on all orders over £50


*burning time will vary if burning in a draft or outdoors 

10hr Tapered Dinner Candles x6